Crankshaft Repairs & Services

Crankshaft Craftsmen specializes in crankshaft repairs services in Detroit for Ford, Chevy, Jeep and a variety of other engine models.  Using the latest technology and decades of experience, Crankshaft Craftsmen renews the integrity and function of your crankshaft to maintain smooth, stable operation.

Crankshaft Craftsman has been rebuilding and restoring crankshafts since 1962.  Working from the car capital of the world in Detroit, MI, Crankshaft Craftsman targets one of the most essential pieces of any vehicle engine from the oldest to the newest models leaving the Motor City.  Experienced technicians utilize advanced welding techniques to repair cracks, chips and flaws and even bring old, rusted or worn-out crankshafts back to operability.  Garages, collectors, restoration specialists, car dealers and other auto enthusiasts take advantage of Crankshaft Craftsmen’s superior service and specialized experience for crankshaft repairs.

Each repair restores the excellent original workmanship that top American car manufacturers continue to perfect.  Trust Crankshaft Craftsmen’s extensive experience and detailed care to restore the pumping heart of your engine.